KLPT Annual Review 2019

What we did in 2019

During the year the Trust has concentrated on the management of the properties that it has retained or of which it remains the freeholder. We have had constructive discussions with the Borough Council about cooperating over the acquisition of suitable properties for restoration but with no immediate candidates. We are, however, currently working with the King’s Lynn Conservancy Board to develop a solution for the conservation and re-use of the 1856 Swimming Baths building – although it is very unlikely to have a future as a swimming pool. We will be undertaking an options appraisal and feasibility study in 2018/19.

Specifically, this -

Thoresby College

We completed the external redecoration of Thoresby College and then embarked on the upgrading of two of the flats to improve their thermal efficiency. These works took rather longer than expected but were virtualy completed by the end of the year. The works included adding new insulation to the walls and roof as well as replacing the casements with double-glazed units.

Hampton Court

Our major work here was a major refurbishment of one of our retained flats. This involved a new heating system, re-wiring and new kitchen fittings but also included replacement of some stonework that had been damaged as a result of damp in the walls. Part of the work addressed the damp problem so that the problem would not recur.

Freehold Properties

We have continued to take action to restructure the management of the three properties on which we retain the freehold but where long leases have been sold on individual flats (77 London Road, Hampton Court and Priory Cottages). This year we initiated a process to vary the Priory Cottages leases to give them a management company that would be independent of 77 London Road and Hampton Court. This is a lengthy procedure as it requires the agreement of all interested parties. When completed the management of the properties will be streamlined with much more immediate accountability of the management companies to their members.

Board members 2019

During the year, Doreen Leventhall retired from her position as Secretary to the Board and Office Manager. Julie Turner has been appointed in this position and Doreen Leventhall has been invited to join the Board of Management. Ben Moore has resigned from the Board of Management and been appointed Director of Property for the Trust.