Coronavirus/COVID-19 at Thoresby College in King’s Lynn

Coronavirus/Covid-19 and King’s Lynn Preservation Trust

Following the recent pandemic, The King’s Lynn Preservation Trust decided to close the internal courtyard to visitors and the Halls to individuals and groups. During the “lock down” period, Thoresby College saw it’s commercial premises closed by Tenants, and a new, more restrictive management of residential premises was successfully agreed and maintained with residents. As the “lock down” begins to ease, the Great and Lower Halls are now available again for hire to groups at reduced capacities (to coincide with Government Recommendations), and it is hoped that the commercial tenants will return to their offices soon.

KLPT Ladies - Diana Bullock

Trust to build Archive

The King’s Lynn Preservation Trust have been awarded a grant to build a new archive store within their offices by The Audrey Muriel Stratford Charitable Trust, who “support the recording of the past, contemporary and developing history of King’s Lynn”. The Preservation Trust have records of their involvement in a number of projects across the town, and hope that the archive store will not only provide a fire proof and flood resiliant storage facility for these documents, but also make them more accessible for any local individuals or groups interested in the Town’s history.

Fire at Thoresby College

Restoration of fire-damaged flat at Thoresby College almost complete

Fire Damaged flat at Thoresby College, King's Lynn

Fire Damaged flat

In December 2018, a small, localised fire caused significant damage to one of the flats on the Queen Street elevation of Thoresby College. Luckily the building was evacuated quickly and efficiently, and all tenants were kept safe. The flat however was not so lucky, despite the exceptionally fast response of the local Fire Department. Work on restoration began in Autumn 2019, and is now approaching completion. Works have been carried out by Smith Building Services Ltd., to a very high standard. It is hoped that the remaining works to the stonework and sash windows on Queen Street will be completed later this year.


The Bath House at King's Lynn Conservancy Board

Restoration Project? King’s Lynn Bath House

King’s Lynn possesses one of the few surviving early Victorian public swimming baths. The baths were opened in 1856 and have survived remarkably intact.  The original building comprised an entrance portico, a superintendent’s house, pool and poolside areas, changing spaces, settling tank, boilers and other ancillary spaces.  It is a grade 2 listed building. (

It is now owned by the King’s Lynn Conservancy Board (KLCB) and they currently use the western section as offices.  The pool hall was used as a boxing club training venue for some time but has been unused for the last few years and the ancillary areas are now derelict.

The project

The Trust is working with the Conservancy Board to identify a viable use for the bath buildings that will retain their character. We have appointed consultants to undertake a feasibility study which will investigate the potential for repair, conversion and re-use of the Baths to ensure the preservation and future economic use of the building. A number of options are being considered including offices and performance spaces. 

Once we have identified a preferred option for the future of the baths we will develop a restoration project in conjunction with the Conservancy Board. 

We are very grateful for support for the feasibility stage of the work by a grant from the Architectural Heritage Fund.