Aims and objectives

The Trust has 4 core activities

  • The acquisition and restoration of buildings of architectural and historical significance in King’s Lynn and their subsequent release into safe hands
  • The management of Thoresby College and other restored buildings retained by the Trust for posterity
  • Close contact with the King’s Lynn Borough Council ( about the future of buildings with acknowledged architectural merit or heritage interest and possible project collaboration in their rejuvenation
  • Offering advice and opinions to the Borough Council and other entities on matters of heritage interest.


The King’s Lynn Preservation Trust has rescued numerous buildings of architectural and historic merit in the town of King’s Lynn. Its first project was to finish the restoration of the Hampton Court building. Since then, the Trust has completed nearly a dozen projects in the historic heart of King’s Lynn. Several have received national and international awards.

Established in 1958 by Lady Joan Evershed as an Industrial and Provident Society, the Trust has charitable status. Its full members are eligible to vote at Annual General Meetings, to consider the annual report of the Board of Management and to elect Board members. Full members receive no dividend, nor do they benefit from any accumulated Trust funds. Originally, the restored properties were made available for rent but more recently the buildings have been sold to create a revolving fund used for investment in later projects.

The fund has been supplemented by private donations, annual subscriptions from the Trust’s Associate Members and grants from local authorities and other public bodies. Sometimes, loans have been raised for repair, conservation or conversion work and repaid upon the sale of the restored premises.

The Kings Lynn Preservation Trust is committed to protecting King’s Lynn’s architectural treasure and introducing into the buildings we restore new environmentally sound methods of renewal and adaptation.

The result is that the buildings of the past can serve new purposes in the 21st century.

The King’s Lynn Preservation Trust was founded in 1958 by Lady Joan Evershed